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    210106 - STEAM 102

    Bring art and technology together and film your very own claymation animated movie! Students will work together in teams to create characters out of clay and bring theri creations to life by using digital cameras and animation software programs. They will learn animation concepts, develop a plan for their story, storyboard the details of their animation movie, and discover ways to build the characters. Some popular claymation movies include: Coraline, Gumby, and Wallace and Gromit. Students will get a copy of their movie after class is complete.

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    Read Notice210106-ASTEAM 102 - Claymation Cinema02/17/20 - 03/16/20M 4:30P - 6:00P$78/$83Item DetailsNo Wishlist AvailableCancelled

    210117 - Let's Build It - Reactions

    See the laws of motion at work in this thrilling, hands-on course. Both new and returning participants are welcome. Students will construct machines, like the Heavyweight Hammer and the Spin-o-Matic, and then combine them to create exciting chain reactions! Each week, the chain reactions will become more complex with the introduction of new machines. The projects will afford students the opportunity to delve into concepts such as force, gravity, velocity, types of energy, and balance. At the end of the session, students will be challenged to create the Ultimate Chain Reaction by working cooperatively to see how many machines they can incorporate. No previous experience is necessary, just a desire to learn and build. Each participant will receive an award on the last day of the session, and have the opportunity to earn Energy Belts by demonstrating their learned skills!

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    Read Notice210117-ALet's Build It - Chain Reactions: Ready, Set, Roll!01/14/20 - 02/18/20Tu 6:00P - 7:00P$107/$112Item DetailsNo Wishlist AvailableCancelled
    Add to Cart210117-BLet's Build It - Chain Reactions: Ready, Set, Roll!03/03/20 - 04/14/20Tu 6:00P - 7:00P$107/$112Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available

    210130 - Manners Academy

    Gretchen Malitz, founder and creator of the Manners Academy, will teach your child about important life skills. Manners are the first impression at an initial meeting and through social interactions. From knowing how to use the utensils in a place setting to writing thank yous, the class will provide valuable skills. Topics include: How to introduce yourself and others; the importance of please and thank you; how to politely interrupt your parents, teachers, and children; party etiquette; how to set the table; and manners when dining out.

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    Add to Cart210130-AManners Academy03/11/20 - 03/11/20W 4:45P - 6:15P$48/$60Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available

    210131 - Reputation Raptor

    It takes years to build it, but only minutes to ruin it - REPUTATION! A good reputation is important in life. Poor body language, a simple misunderstanding, a mishap on social media, or perhaps a nasty rumor can damage your kind, trustworthy, and classy image. Learn the best tips, how to build, protect, and if necessary, rehab a reputation through games like “This is it”, “Mint Toothpaste”, “Wrecking Ball”, and “Pop Rocks Fireworks”. Lastly, we will learn how to minimize the damage from unhealthy people who thrive on preying (raptor-like) behavior. Funny dramatizations, props, games, and treats drive home the points during this life coaching workshop. This is a drop off class.

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    Add to Cart210131-AReputation Raptor - Kids Life Coaching03/14/20 - 03/14/20Sa 3:00P - 4:00P$25/$30Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available

    210590 - Chess Scholars Camp

    This camp is designed for both beginners and experienced young players. All participants will learn cool new strategies at the appropriate level from an experienced Chess Scholar coach. Each class will consist of a fun interactive teaching period and guided practice time. Children will have an opportunity to test for a Chess Belt® under a unique Chess Scholars system patterned after martial arts belts. There will also be a chess competition with prizes! Each camper will take home a chess set and an award. Please bring your own snacks and drink.

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    Add to Cart210590-AChess Scholars Spring Break Camp03/30/20 - 04/03/20M-F 9:00A - 12:00P$172/$177Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available

    210591 - Let's Build It Spring Camp

    This camp takes a hands-on approach to engineering, allowing students to directly engage with basic engineering concepts through a variety of fun and educational activities. Students will improve their problem solving, math, and physics skills – all while engaging in exciting building projects. Each unit will focus on a specific area of engineering. The unit will culminate in a testing of students’ final projects and each student will receive an award for their progress during the unit. Please bring your own snacks.

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    Add to Cart210591-ALet’s Build It Spring Break Camp03/30/20 - 04/03/20M-F10:00A - 11:30A$122/$127Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available

    220134 - Summer Slime

    School is almost out for summer! We are celebrating with the ultimate sensory experience. Slime continues to be all the rage with kids. Have the slime of your life creating seasonal slime in the concoction lab. Our slime will pop like fireworks, smell like summer, and be colored to remind kids of the beach. This is crazy FUN to blow off some steam after working so hard this school year. Every participant will go home with the slime they made, a souvenir, and a slime snack. Kids must be able to follow directions well. This is a drop off class.

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    Add to Cart220134-ASchool's Out For Summer Slime!05/12/20 - 05/12/20Tu 6:00P - 7:00P$26/$31Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available
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